How to Create Content with Consistency using this Spreadsheet Template

If you manage a blog or a website that publishes content, you need a process to maintain the consistency. There are 100s of apps out there that can help you in defining and implementing these processes but defining a process is much easier when you compare it with actually doing it consistently.

Without a content system and a disciplined posting process, you might have experienced a feeling of inefficiency in your content marketing efforts.

Wouldn’t you be able to put your plan into a spreadsheet and then stick to it to get the desired results?

I use the following spreadsheet to plan my content schedule and then try to stick to it. It is great to have something on Google sheets as it makes it easy to share and collaborate with others in your team. In case you plan to use it, please make a copy and save it under your account and customize it your hearts content.


If you need a system for content creation you can try my CRAFT SYSTEM which is explained here

The title would be the headline of the content you are planning to create. A tentative deadline for post publishing would also help you stick with the content plan.

Putting the content piece under a topic would make it easier to categorize on a website or blog.

If you have done keyword research for this piece of content, this is the place to put in the major keywords that you will be including for SEO.

In case you have other posts related to this post, finding them and listing them in this column will make it easier when you are building internal links which is again a crucial factor in SEO.

This is particularly helpful if you have designer or a design department working with you to create artwork for your posts.

Different images are required for different social media platforms and the platform where the post is posted.

Keeping a record of what is required in terms of creatives will give an insight into the upcoming posts and lets the designers plan their time and projects accordingly. The last thing you want is delay in publishing because of pending artwork or images.

This is a very important column as it gives the stage at which the content piece is at. From researching to publishing, you can set and analyze number of posts at each stage. ( Researching, Writing and Editing)

If you create content, you know the need to promoting them. There is no easier and better place to promote than your social profiles. This column lets you know if your post has been shared on social profiles.

This column is for those who are implementing SEO. You can start building backlinks to your post and mark this column as YES.

Moving through these stages and publishing the content is not the end of this whole process but it gives you a satisfaction.

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